Down to London

I know it has been a while since my last update but the reason of that is because I have just moved to my new house and I did not install internet line yet ( I do even have a phone line!)

I admit that I am not very good in writing in English same as arabic (that what most of you think I believe!) butI guess that I need to this time because I am in the University Lab which obviousley use Windows XP but not supporting arabic language!

At the moment I am in London doing my first module in the master degree course folowed by the second module on Monday next week. I do not expect to come back again to my little twon untill 28/10. Then I have to sort out the phone and internet line before I can post anything again.

I like being in London but living here is very expensive compared with the northen part of England but the good things that you can see many arabs and muslims around, waliking in Edgwarde road, hanging araound in Hyde park (although I have not been there yet this time!)

What I really miss is spending Ramadan at home. I did not expect it to be so tough this time however the sunset is at 6 o’clock but the feeling is much more different when all of your family circeled around you while having Fotoor and preperaing for praying al Esha and al taraweh.


6 thoughts on “Down to London

  1. الحمدلله على السلامة والحمدلله قرأنا أخبارك الطيبة، إن شاء الله خلال الأيام القادمة تحصل خط إنترنت وترجع تكتب بالعربي، وتقدر تطلب من الجامعة يضيفون العربية في بعض الكمبيوترات.

  2. Brother Osama,
    You’re right, Ramadan is not the same as in UAE but this is part of life where we have to leave our country for further studies away from home, and go back for a better future.
    I wish you the best in your studies.

  3. عبدالله:

    الله يسلمك.. كلها كم يوم و برجع للبيت.. و برتب أموري إن شاء الله..


    الغربة مرة.. بس الواحد يتعلم منها الكثير..و الله يعيني و يعنك على قضاء شهر رمضان فيها..

    يا ترى هل إنت من الطلبة الي يدرسون طيران على حساب هيئة الطيران؟


    بصراحة أنا بعد ما جربت الـ ADSL في الإمارات خط التلفون ما ينفعني.. بس شكلي بالأخير بضطر إني أستخدم الشركة الي قلت لي عليها!!

  4. تنبيه: d135ae7

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